I Love Challenges!

Posted on 20. Aug, 2013 by in Commercial, Individual, Portraits

Isaac is an accomplished sculptor who I have enjoyed experiencing his work. Several months ago I had the privilege of photographing him, his beautiful wife and adorable son for a family portrait. Since then we have been trying to get together to create an image showcasing him and his work. Finally the day arrived hot and dry. We arrived at his studio/workspace and chose a sculpture and began to set up lighting. This is a large space but I didn’t want it to go black behind him so we had to subtly light objects behind him to create depth but not detract from our two subjects, the sculptor and the sculpture! It took about an hour to set up the lights and test everything but only about 15 minutes to create the series of images we wanted. Thanks Isaac.


To see more of his work here is a link to Isaac’s website. http://www.duncansculpture.com

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