Posted on 21. Jul, 2013 by in Brad, He-Said-She-Said

Recently someone who many thought was a leader in my industry(photography) was found out to be stealing others words and claiming they were their own. Also I was made aware of an individual who has stolen photographs from other photographers and put them on their Facebook and website as their own created images. In every field of human endeavor there are those that want to take shortcuts to success. Just last week I sat down with my daughter Sydney and discussed at length that there is nothing more important than having internal INTEGRITY. I explained it is not about what everyone sees you doing but it is about doing what is right when no one is looking or even when you know, no one will ever know what you did.

Integrity doesn’t come from religion, school, books, tv or movies. Although all these can have a negative or positive influence. It is learned by the example the parents and other important role models set. We teach our children by our actions, our attitudes and our words.

Excellent article, well worth the time to read.


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