Take the Time to Do It Now!

Posted on 01. Jun, 2012 by in Family, Portraits

It has been an interesting three weeks! On the 28th of April I went to a artist’s workshop in Danville, California. Then on to a portrait photography conference outside Seattle. At the workshop in CA the instructor was sharing her story about her parents. Some time ago she started on a project to create several art pieces of her parents over the course of a year. She did the first session and ended up with beautiful results but she never got to finish the project. As so often happens life makes other plans, and her mom became very ill and passed away. Hearing her story I determined to come home and take the time to create portraits of my parents, NOW. None of us knows what tomorrow will bring so starting last night I did portraits of my dad and dad and I for fathers day. Next week I will do something with my mom and then my parents together. Most the time we get so caught up day to day stuff that we don’t MAKE the time to do the really important things. I wanted to share some images from last night. Next week I will post the new images as I create them. 

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