CSO Party 2012 Chattanooga, TN

Posted on 17. Feb, 2012 by in Commercial, Couples, Portraits

What an insane week! Too much to do and not enough hours in the day. Started the Junior League Tour du Jour images this week. Of course they needed the images the next morning for a deadline.A week or so ago Katie Wilson from the Chattanooga Symphony and Opera called and said she just needed some nice portraits of the chairs for the CSO annual fund raising party. I gave her a hard time and told her that she had called the wrong studio if she just wanted nice photographs. We laughed about that, since when I do something it has to be full tilt, otherwise what is the point? Anyway she told me the theme and the color they were using so Lisa my amazing assistant and I brainstormed about what to do. Well I would like to take credit for the idea but can’t since it was 100% Lisa. She went out and found the material I called the great George Quick at the Theatre Centre to arrange a space to do the photographs. Then had to figure how to move the material so that it had motion to it. It was a blast to do the photographs. Katie had told me she wanted something fun and playful so this is what we did. In the past the CSO Gala has always been black tie but this year we wanted to communicate the more casual fun but still classic attire that we are going for. A very special thanks to our exceptional models!

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