The Herd of Elephants Encounter on Christmas Day

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Wow, what a day. Woke to the sound of a herd of elephants tromping thru the house, oh wait it was only Helen’s brother and Sydney. Helen and I have celebrated 32 Christmases together and it is always the same her brother wakes everyone up. Now he has a cohort in my daughter!  They both are just excited to see what kind of loot they they are going to get and just can’t wait to open their presents. After shredding all the paper to see what was inside the packages we cleaned up. Helen fixed breakfast, a Christmas tradition for us is Mexican Eggs with rye toast. All of us stuffed our faces and then on to cooking the Christmas meal for the afternoon.  Helen always makes amazing food and this year was no exception. Everyone had to go back for seconds and several made it for thirds. My mom brought blueberry cobbler and apple pie, my sister contributed crustless pecan pie and her famous cranberry salsa.  Amid the celebration it is important to remember how much we have to be thankful for. Helen’s parents and my parents all celebrated with us and I’m glad we were able to spend another Christmas together.

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