Having Fun with a New Look, Candle Light Photographs

Posted on 15. May, 2011 by in Children, Family, Portraits

Wow! I have been very bad about posting new images and commentary. It has been a crazy couple of months but I hope to be back on track. I am going to be posting some older images that I wanted to show off even though I have a ton of new stuff. I intend to post a lot quickly.Mom & Baby very warm

With the home show coming up several months ago I new I wanted to showcase several new looks one of the things that I had been toying with was doing a very warm saturated look. I kept experimenting until I finally had the look down. Now all I needed were a couple of guinea pigs to try it with so I called Mike and Rondi and conned them into coming in.

I also had just photographed Gates and he was too cute in all the images that we did so I  thought that he and mom would make great subjects also.

Well they all agreed to let me play so we scheduled a time and we played. A lot of people saw them at the home show this spring but for all of you who didn’t make it by our display,  here they are.

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