Everything is Different – Prom 2011

Posted on 28. May, 2011 by in Children, Couples, Portraits

I have know Ian since he was a little tyke (around 2years old).  I had talked with mom and dad about doing Ian’s senior photographs and we finally got them scheduled. What a trip be able to watch all these kids grow up into young adults. In spite of  feeling old because of the changes I have seen in them through the years it is wonderful to be able to create new images that reflect who they are becoming.

Anyway, mom called and said “I know you don’t do prom pictures but” (as we all know “but” negates anything that has come before) “would you please do a couple of photographs of Ian and his girlfriend Kayla”.  I said sure since I will be working at the studio come by and we can do a couple of images. Well anybody that knows me will understand that I don’t know what a couple of photographs means so as usual I got carried away. Ian and Kayla were wonderful sports and we ended up with a lot of great shots. Here are “couple” of them.


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