CSO Celebrity Guest Conductors

Posted on 25. May, 2011 by in Commercial, Individual, Portraits

Late last year Margaret Green called with a new idea for the CSO guild to raise money for the Chattanooga Symphony & Opera. She told me what they were wanting to do and asked if I would be willing to take some simple headshots for the local celebrities who would be competing. Of course I said NO! Well, not exactly, what I really said is no I am not interested in doing simple headshots but why don’t we do something cool that you can use for better publicity.

Of course she liked the sound of that and that is exactly what we did. {They ended up being run in the paper and in Chatter Magazine). So after she got her confirmations on the celebrities we had the pleasure of doing something that would be reflective of their individual personalities. Scheduling was tough but once they came to the studio we had fun doing some personality images. I had a blast and all my subjects were game for anything we came up. Congrats to all of them they all did a fantastic job and the fund raiser was a incredible success, way, way over the goal!

Jim CatanzaroThe Energizer Bunny

 Carolyn Thompson – The Stylist

Jeff StylesThe Zen Master

Linda FribergThe Sophisticate

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