Spying Santa Through the Keyhole

Posted on 14. Dec, 2010 by in Children, Portraits

Santa visited Cansler this past Saturday. I could tell you how the day went. Who was here, what Brad got up to. About all the yummy food Helen made. Or how all of you helped out by making more cider, setting out more goodies, emptying the garbage cans when we got busy. But I think a visit from Santa should be told from a child’s perspective. And just below, that’s what you’ll get.

Santa’s here! He’s on the other side on the door! I can see him through the keyhole; just barely. He’s talking to someone. I wish it were me. When’s my turn? I brought my list. I already sent one to the North Pole but I want to make sure Santa gets it. His elves have come for a visit so he knows I’ve been good this year. And I’ve been extra good since the elves came. This is taking sooooo long! I can’t stay still. I want it to be my turn! I have to ask Santa where his sleigh is. I looked for it outside: on the roof, behind the house, even in the driveway. But its not there! Where is it? And where are the reindeer? I’ve never seen one. I want to meet Rudolph. Or Blitzen. Oh, oh, oh! Santa’s pulling a present out of his bag! I want a present! Is it my turn yet? Mom says almost. But I’ve been waiting forever! Maybe I’m next. The other kid is leaving! And Brad says I can come in. IT’S MY TURN!!!!! I’m sitting on Santa’s lap. He’s asking what I want for Christmas. I get to show him my list! I’m so excited. Santa says he can’t bring everything; other kids need toys too. But he’ll bring as many as he can! And there’s a present in his bag just for ME! I’ve been so good this year I get a toy BEFORE Christmas! Santa tells me to keep being good for Mommy and Daddy. I can’t wait until Christmas morning!

Sometimes to get into the holiday mood you need to see things as a child does. I hope that put you in the Christmas Spirit; remembering the wonder and excitement Christmas held for you when you were young.

Happy Holidays from Cansler Photography!

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