What a Good Sport!

Posted on 24. Aug, 2010 by in High School Seniors, Individual, Portraits

Mary Anna came into the studio with armfuls of clothes. Clearly, she knows Brad. And its true. He’s taken portraits of her for years. So she knew he would want variety. Which we definitely achieved. And we took her every where! We worked in the studio, traipsed around the Fortwood district, and even went downtown around the Warehouse Row area (this time we didn’t get run off, but on another session we did…more on that later!)

That’s where this shot was taken. Its looks like an athletic company’s ad, doesn’t it? I love the surreal lighting and the angle of the shot. Not everyone can look so great from this angle, but Mary Anna is in such good shape how can she not look good?

Mary Anna was really comfortable with us and a good sport, too ( no pun intended on her athleticism)! In the image below she is laying on a cobble stone road. And the road is still used! She had to get up and we had to move the equipment at least three times for cars to drive through. Then she would lay back down, I would arrange lights, clothes, and hair, and Brad would get to work. It was worth it though.

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