Happy 4th of July

Posted on 05. Jul, 2010 by in He-Said-She-Said

Well another 4th of July has passed.  This year we celebrated in our traditional way by going to my parents, eating fresh homemade peach ice-cream, fresh from the garden corn on the cob, delicious ice-cold watermelon, etc. After stuffing ourselves we came home and watched the multiple fireworks displays in our neighborhood. This year Sydney wanted to set off some herself so we drove towards Cleveland, TN until we found the first fireworks stand and then we purchased a few things that we knew she would enjoy.  By the time we were done it was way past her bedtime.

While she was playing with sparklers she made a heart that I photographed.  So here is the  image that  is the perfect illustration for this day that we celebrate, love of country and of family.

Here is to next 4th of July, may we all still be here to celebrate once more.

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