The Two Faces of Sydney

Posted on 08. Jun, 2010 by in Brad, He-Said-She-Said

The last week of school my daughters 3rd grade class in conjunction with the 2nd graders put on a play at her school. The play they did was Disney’s 101 Dalmations. Sydney was chosen to play Cruella. At first she wasn’t sure she wanted to be mean old Cruella but she decided to do it anyway. Of course her dad (me) teased her about it being the perfect part for her to play. Her response was the typical one you get from a 9 yr old, Oh Dad!!! and a major rolling of the eyes.She did a great job learning her lines and maintaining a British accent during the play. (She also learned everyone else’s lines too.) When it came time for the final bows she loved all the applause she received and the grin stretched from ear to ear. I was a little worried that her mouth might split for a few minutes.



This past weekend she had her dance recital so a few minutes before she had to be at the Tivoli she and her mom came by the studio and I took a couple of images of her in her dance costume.

Just thought I would share a couple of images of both costumes and faces.


Your Thoughts

  1. LRyan —  11. Jun, 2010

    It is hard to believe that she is looking so grown up. I hadn’t seen her for a while. It figures your quick grab pictures look great.

  2. andrea cool —  06. Jul, 2010

    Wow Sydney! I had to do a double take!! I thought I was looking at pictures of the REAL Cruella de Vil from the movie screen!! You look fabulous!!

  3. Jerry —  03. Sep, 2010

    Great shots of a stunning girl. Simply amazing.

  4. Karen Jamison —  03. Sep, 2010

    Hi there, Very cute pictures of Sydney, she has sure grown since I last saw her.