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I have reordered all these vacation posts from their original posting order because it makes it easier to view. Now you can just scroll down.

Once again it is time for our annual personal trek to somewhere. My daughter, Sydney, loves to go to our property that we own all over the country. Of course, I am talking about our heritage, the National Parks. This year we had planned on going to see

Yellowstone, Tetons and Glacier National Park. We kept looking at the weather and two days before leaving we decided to switch locations. It has been raining a lot in Yellowstone and the park has seen some flooding; after checking the weather and seeing that it showed at least a 40% chance of rain every day except one, we decided to switch. The tickets we had with American Airlines allowed us to change at the last minute with no penalty.

It has been over six years since we last went to San Francisco. Sydney was only 3 1/2 at the time and dosen’t remember much of that trip, so we decided to go back and take her to several National Parks around there. Sydney loves the Junior Ranger programs and collects National Park cancellation stamps.

I decided a couple of weeks ago that Sydney was old enough to have a new camera. She loves to take photographs and has been asking for a better camera.  Actually,  Helen and I were both tired of her stealing our cameras when we traveled. So the three of us will be competing to see who can take the best photographs.

Our flight took us thru Dallas/Ft Worth; while there we had a two hour layover so we took the time to eat. A friend of mine had told me about a texmex restaurant in the airport that he said was very good. Considering it was “airport food” we were slightly skeptical but we were hungry so decided to try it. It was a large step up from most airport fare and I would recommend it to anyone that likes Mexican food.

All of these photos were taken by Sydney except two. It helped to keep her occupied and make the time go faster.  We arrived around 9:00 pm Pacific time which was 12:00 am for our bodies; Sydney was very tired but stayed awake long enough to reached our hotel before crashing.

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