Klassic Kassidy

Posted on 25. Jun, 2010 by in High School Seniors

So Kassidy, one of our Baylor models, comes in all smiles and talks, talks, talks. She and I were chatting during her whole session. And that fun, lively personality shows in her senior portraits. Case in point, the fabulous pink hat! Brad and I had a great time goofing off with it before we got serious, well as serious as you can be in a pink hat. Doesn’t she look like a diva at the Kentucky Derby?

After the nice, pleasant portion of her session, Brad and I dragged Kassidy out to an abandoned warehouse to get a gritty urban feel. We had this girl hopping over rubble, traipsing through weeds and climbing onto concrete platforms. All for a good photo. But we got what we wanted…. and that’s all that matters! Oh, and Kassidy was a true model and didn’t complain a bit.

Finally, we gave her a break and shot some pretty things around the studio. This is just one of the portraits we took then, but its too gorgeous not to share!

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Your Thoughts

  1. Shirley Bryan —  27. Jun, 2010

    Kassidy is my beautiful granddaughter of whom I am very proud !

    Kassidy is a wonderful Christian girl who is very independant, classy, & unselfish, not to mention, smart !

    She wants to be a doctor & I’m sure she can accomplish anything her heart desires. But my goodness, she’d be a great model wouldn’t she !

    Thanks for your professional talent in photography.

    Shirley Bryan

  2. Angie —  27. Jun, 2010

    Kassidy is my daughter and I can’t tell you how proud I am of the pictures we have taken with Cansler. We went for our first visit the night before I was leaving for a mission trip to New Mexico. She was asked to be a model representing Baylor for Cansler and they wanted to do the shoot the very next week. Did I mention I was leaving in the morning…. anyone that know’s Kassidy and I know that I never miss anything she is involved in. I was almost sick to think I wasn’t going to be there. I said all this to say…WOW…they are truely pros when it comes to taking wonderful pictures. Kassidy said she had a blast and the pictures are truely amazing. Now I understand the saying “Pictures are worth a 1000 words”