Hey guys, Mom wants your portrait too!

Posted on 29. Jun, 2010 by in High School Seniors, Portraits

Josef is the first guy to come to the studio for senior portraits this year. Like most guys, he doesn’t like to be photographed that much, so his mother is taking advantage of the opportunity to get really nice portraits. He was a little quiet at first but Brad joked around until he broke the ice. Once we got him out of the tux jacket we really got to try some new things. Certain poses and settings only work for guys and since Josef is our first of the year, it was interesting to see how differently the session progressed.

For one thing, he changes clothes MUCH faster! But also, the lighting could be more stark and defined; pretty sure Josef didn’t care to have glamour lighting. And the poses themselves, they can be more relaxed without seeming slouchy. The whole session was just such a new experience for me. And of course it helped that Josef was easygoing and willing to try anything we asked.

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