It’s a beautiful thing.

Posted on 17. Mar, 2010 by in Individual, Portraits

We’ve been asked to create some artwork for an OB/GYN office here in town and Brad wanted to get portraits of pregnant women, for obvious reasons. The doctor sent us a list of patients he felt would be cooperative and we went to work booking sessions. First on the list was Ashley. And like most women she came in willingly but had some self-deprecating remarks to make. Of course she was wrong and looks beautiful. 

Since she was a little nervous, Brad started the session with the more traditional poses. The ones where Ashley just happened to be pregnant but otherwise are timeless. I can just see the gentleness in her eyes as she gazes out the window, maybe at her husband? Certainly its someone she cares about. 

Finally we got to what Brad kept referring to as “an experimental thing”. I think of it as almost a glamour portrait of a pregnant woman, but far more elegant. Ashley was captivating. Her sexy, sassy true self finally came to the surface and she played to the camera perfectly. All the nervousness was gone and she is gorgeous. Take a look!

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