Blast From the Past

Posted on 21. Jan, 2010 by in Couples

Christie’s mom called and said she wanted a new photograph of her daughter and her husband. The phone call brought back memories; it seems like yesterday when I had met Christie 20 years ago.  She was a little girl helping out her dad in his store. Over the years we have seen her every now and then so it was great to see her and meet her husband. They were just going to be here a couple of days so we fit them in after another scheduled session. Well we ran late (what else is new) with our prior senior session (all those changes of clothes take time).

Christie and Tim were very patient and when we finally started photographs the lighting was perfect. We were just doing one clothing change to fill a hole on her mom’s wall so the session went quickly. First we took some images at the studio and then we jumped in the car to go to a location I had driven by earlier. Those of you who know me realize how hard it is for me to do just one thing! The extra effort and time was worth it because the additional location turn out beautiful.

The wonderful part of this job is to be able to see old friends and catch up on what is happening in their life and while we are doing  that, create some beautiful images.

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Your Thoughts

  1. Shirley Baugh —  09. Feb, 2010

    It was great to see these wonderful photos. I first saw the Cansler ad in Chatter Magazine for Chattanooga in February issue. Next I went to the website and was able to see more photos. Hey, Christie and Tim ! and great for Mom’s wall ! Love, Shirley Baugh