Lacrosse Players Love Getting Their Picture Taken

Posted on 15. Nov, 2009 by in High School Seniors

I’m completely joking in the title of this post. I am not so sure that really active and athletic guys like spending a beautiful afternoon standing around and posing for the camera, but nonetheless Sam was very cooperative with us and let us pick on him for not just one day but TWO!

Sam came in to do his senior photographs with his mom and sister on a gorgeous afternoon. The weather was just perfect, it was a little humid because of all the rain we have been having for the past couple weeks, but nonetheless the sun was shining! I was glad the weather was nice, outside photographs are great for guys, especially Sam because he is big into lacrosse and sports.  We quickly figured out outfits and got started. We did some more formal things upstairs and some cool black and whites and then moved on to outside.

Sam did great with listening to direction from Brad. I think he might actually have had fun getting his photograph taken! We did a couple things in some really soft yellows in and around the studio and on Oak Street. When he came back to finish up his formal sitting because he had forgotten a tie the first day, Brad wanted to do more than just the formal and he had a great blue checkered shirt in his car. We were like ‘go get it!!!’ and we ended the session with some cool photos on the stairs outside. Very GQ.

We had a blast photographing Sam and I wish him the best with his lacrosse and the schools he is applying to, which all seem to be located up North.  We know that his mom will enjoy the photographs, since he is headed a long way from home for school. He will definitely need a warm jacket, or two!

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