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Posted on 17. Oct, 2009 by in Children, Portraits

Last December, John called and said that he wanted to get his wife Pam a custom gift certificate for a special occasion.  Peggy my assistant created a cool certificate using an image from their previous session. In talking with John I learned that Pam had looked at all the photographers in their area (they had moved to Franklin) and had been unable to find what she was looking for so was planning on calling me to do a new session.  Obviously he got her a present that she wanted because he said that she was thrilled when he gave it to her. (Hint, Hint to all you guys who don’t know what to get.)

This summer Pam called and scheduled a session for all of the kids. She had done a formal portrait of her oldest and she wanted to take a complimentary portrait of each of her girls. As always, I asked what time the youngest child would be happiest and as is typical, Pam said morning, so we scheduled the session first thing one morning. The day arrived and when everyone showed up at the studio it was beautiful. Even though we had planned on doing formal portraits inside I wanted to try one image outside because of how nice the morning was.Mattox9969First we sprayed everyone with bug spray to help with itching then walked down the street to a location that had pretty lighting and incredible depth.  After some major scratching, we were able to get the photograph. (The bugs didn’t seem deterred by the Deep Woods Off.)Mattox10150

The kids did fantastic and we were able to get what I wanted so then we went in to do the formals. Photographing children is so much fun because of the wonderful natural expressions they give you. All it takes is working with them, relating to them and talking to them. (Sounds easy dosen’t it, NOT). This time it was easy and all too soon the session was over. I told Pam that when all her friends in Franklin saw these images I might have to move to Nashville because her kids made me look good.Mattox10218



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