It’s a Connected World

Posted on 22. Oct, 2009 by in Brad, He-Said-She-Said

Today, I received an interesting call from an advertising agency in San Francisco, they were looking for someone to do a series of images for a client. The client they were working for is in Chattanooga! After talking with them about what they wanted and what their schedule was, I asked how did you call us. The ad exec laughed and said you were referred by the web. He went on to explain that when he googled photographers in Chattanooga my name came up several times so he went and looked at my website.

Obviously that is one of the reasons we have websites to be visible to everyone that cares to look. All this connectedness can be great; with so many people linked through Facebook and other networking sites you can be in constant contact. But sometimes, I wonder if all this interconnectedness is the best thing. I see people who can’t carry on a conversation without texting someone else or interrupting their conversation to constantly answer the phone.

One of my young friends told me that it is just because I’m old school but I don’t think so. The story that I have heard is “Oh I can multi-task”. Yes you may be able to do it but does that make it right? I think not, because all that means is you are never in the present moment and always distracted. Kind of like driving and texting, you can do it but should you? NO. The one thing that seems to be universal for most of these individuals, they tend to lack focus.

So the point of this rant, we should take advantage of technology if it benefits us, just don’t let it take over our lives.

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