Great Dress, But No Shoes…

Posted on 23. Oct, 2009 by in High School Seniors

When Natalie and her mom came in to do her ultimate senior session, I just knew when they walked in the door we were going to get some beautiful unique shots. We laid out all her different outfits, full of bright colors and neat patterns, and started figuring out what we wanted to do and where. We had fun talking about shopping and Anthropology (a really great clothing store), both wishing there was one in Chattanooga.  We finally decided on some really fun outfits and got started.Pittman537

Pittman720After we did some classic black and whites upstairs we couldn’t wait to go outside because Natalie had some really great sundresses plus it just so happened to be a gorgeous day. Natalie was really good at listening to Brad’s direction and letting her personality shine through, making it easy to get exceptional shots.  After the sundresses it was on to the silver cowboy boots, those boots definitely added a little bit of attitude to the photos, which was perfect.

Next came the only bump in the otherwise smooth photo shoot. Natalie had a great black sweater dress but no shoes to wear with it, and her house was too far to just run home and get some. So, I was desperate for a solution because I could tell that Natalie really wanted to wear this dress. I started thinking through all my shoes, I have a lot, and thought of the perfect pair of black boots! Problem solved, I ran home and grabbed my boots and in no time we were capturing shots of Natalie in her cute black dress! It was a double win for both Natalie and I, she got some really cool photos and I was aPittman836ble to completely justify my growing shoe collection.


We ended the session just as the sun was going down with some great stuff on Main St. Overall it was a very successful photo session and we had such a blast with Natalie and her mom.  There were so many wonderful shots, I just knew that they were going to have a hard time choosing which ones they wanted when they came in to look at them.Pittman755

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