Something New

Posted on 11. Aug, 2009 by in High School Seniors


Sullivan came with her mom for her Art Elite session, and we had some great new ideas to test on her. Not to sound like she was our guinea pig, but in a sense yes, yes she was. It worked out perfectly though because of something I like to thing of as photography fate. All the stars/ lighting equipment aligned when Sullivan pulled out her outfit choices. Brad and I were itching to shoot somewhere new, and Sullivan just so happened to bring a cute purple sundress that allowed us to try something different at a new location.

When this time of year rolls around we are doing multiple senior sessions a day, and we HAVE to challenge ourselves to do something different for EVERY SINGLE SENIOR! Otherwise, everyone will have the same look in their photographs, and let’s be honest that is essentially as bad as being forced to pick only one cereal every day for breakfast for the rest of your life.Million10841

We enjoy and pride ourselves in being different, and we are pumped to keep having senior coming to us looking for something out of the ordinary.Million10932

Your Thoughts

  1. Jenn —  06. Oct, 2009

    These are some really beautiful photographs. I really love the one in the black dress.