Rain Rain Go Away

Posted on 04. Aug, 2009 by in High School Seniors


Madison’s mom and I had a very short window of time to get Madison’s senior portraits done. We found a date and time that worked perfect for their schedule and crossed our fingers that everything would work out without a hitch. Unfortunately crossing fingers doesn’t always do the trick.

Madison was coming up from Atlanta, and the night before her session a storm front was moving in. Ugh, now I love storms when I need a nap, or need to clean my house. They give you the perfect opportunity to get caught up on some z’s or vacuuming, but I HATE, I repeat, I HATE storms and rain when we have an Art Elite session scheduled. I tell Brad regularly I am going to create a weather machine so that this doesn’t continue to happen, and so I can be a millionaire of course. It’s in the works.Madison9494

Because of Madison’s busy schedule we decided to go ahead and do the session even though it was raining. We decided to do some really cool stuff indoors with her soccer gear, and we set up some great backgrounds with new lighting for something totally different.
We lucked out though a couple of times during her shoot and were able to get outside for a few shots, and on day where it’s forecasted to rain cats and dogs we’ll take what we can get. Luckily what we got was GORGEOUS! We are so grateful to Madison and her mom for being such troopers!Madison9518

-I’ll keep you all posted on how my weather machine turns out 🙂

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