Urban Themes before Jet Setting Dreams

Posted on 09. Jul, 2009 by in High School Seniors

Franklin5618 Leslie came in for part 1 of her Ultimate Session the other day, and as always we were scheming to try something new or shoot some new locations. We knew the other half of her session we were doing around and at her home when she got back from Hawaii. Doesn’t that sound like she has an amazing To Do List…

1. Go start senior portrait session

2. Look gorgeous in all my pics

3. Jet away to Hawaii: play in ocean and maybe grab a little tan

4. Finish senior portrait session

5. Look gorgeous in my pics again.

Franklin5665 Leslie and her mom made my life so easy by already having all of their outfit options coordinated and organized. Ahhhh I love being organized, and I love even more meeting people who share my over zealous organization tendencies. We are a rare breed. It also didn’t hurt that Leslie has a great sense of style. A style that Brad and I couldn’t help but want to show off. So we decide to go for a more urban feel in this first part of Leslie’s session. We headed downtown, and it just came naturally. She had so many cool shots to choose from it was so hard to only pick a few to share with all of you. I hope you all enjoy!Franklin5539Franklin5734

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