“You Buy Your Equipment at Bi-Lo!”

Posted on 09. Jun, 2009 by in Individual, Portraits

Russell5541When Betty called a couple weeks back and told us about her idea for a outdoor portrait session of her brother Russell to celebrate his 80th birthday, I knew it was going to be an especially fun session. I had no idea though how much laughing I was going to do. Our location was just a block away from where Betty and Russell had grown up. Also, Betty told me and teased her older brother about the girlfriend of his who had lived right across the street from where we were. Aww, but Russell was quick to inform me she was “just a friend.” While setting up we had a couple of technical difficulties with one of our lights, which is why we are always lugging around a backup! Backup flash to the rescue! We thought it might be the connection causing us trouble, but Russell quickly pointed out, “of course it doesn’t work you buy you equipment from Bi-Lo.” I was a little confused until I looked in the back of Brad’s car and saw the Bi-Lo bags that were mixed in with our lighting and camera gear. We got to work, and you would have thought Russell had been professionally modeling on the side for years. In reality he was just eager to finish, but he did stick it out and gave us almost an hour. Russell even quickly learned that when Brad uses the phrase “we’re done”, he doesn’t always mean it literally. In that amount of time we were able to do Betty’s favorite shot of him standing just like he “always does” arm propped up on the building just looking cool, suave, and Russell said “just like Clark Gable.” It was a joy working on this session, I had a blast!Russell5619Russell5609

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