The Swimming Lesson

Posted on 18. Jun, 2009 by in Family, Portraits

No this isn’t a post offering a new service where we teach kids to swim but rather a lesson on what not to do during a session. Several weeks ago I had called Cindy and begged to let me do a family photograph with my new high resolution camera. Last year we had done some photographs at this same location but my favorite image was one that was just a quick grab shot at the end of their session with a low res digital camera. So I wanted to recreate that image with the new camera because of the incredible sense of depth it has. Cindy said she would be glad to do it but considering that there are three teenagers involved she needed to see if they would agree. Yoo hoo they did!Schlabach6047

 I really appreciate their sacrifice, as we all know teenagers don’t want to get up any earlier than they absolutely have to. It was a beautiful morning and we arrived at the spot at the perfect time for the lighting. I was wondering if the creek would be high because of the rain we had during the night(at about 2:00 A.M. I wasn’t sure we would be a go). Needless to say the creek was up and the rocks were slippery. I warned everybody about being careful then started walking to where I needed to place the camera and tripod. Well you guessed it I went swimming well not quite but I did slip and sat down in the water. Of course I chose a spot were it wasn’t shallow I was soaked! Peggy being the concerned woman she is wanted to make sure the camera was OK. I did save it because I made sure to hold it up. Everybody got a good laugh and we then had fun capturing some cool images. So the lesson for today is practice what you preach!Schlabach6078


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