Steppin out with Susannah

Posted on 17. Apr, 2009 by in High School Seniors


Susannah is our rep at Boyd-Buchanan, and we are so excited to have her participate in the Senior Rep program. We started our session by doing some more traditional shots outside. It was a gorgeous day out, not to mention everything was in full bloom! Susannah had a great spring time outfit, and we really couldn’t have asked for better lighting with the way the sun was hitting her hair!
Our next location is new, and we were ready to find out what kind of cool shots we could get in front of some old trains at the Choo Choo. We had a hard time picking which one to share with all of you because we had so many that turned out awesome!
Finally we ended up at another new spot we scouted for our 2010 seniors, and even if it was cold out, which it wasn’t, Susannah’s bright red pumps would have heated things up! Paired with her black pea coat and hounds tooth scarf this outfit almost made us wish for winter again…NOT!
We had a great time with our new rep Susannah, and hope all of you will stay on the look out for more to come! Susanah1846Susanah1850

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