Posted on 18. Mar, 2009 by in High School Seniors



Lexi is not only our 2010 senior ambassador for Baylor, but she is a long time client here at Cansler. So while
taking a moment to reminisce about childhood sessions was a must, we were pumped to try something new! The funny thing is when you start something new sometimes you take inspiration from something old, and that is exactly what happened with Lexi’s session.

Our lighting for some of Lexi’s shots definitely had an old Hollywood feel of drama and glamour! The gorgeous formal dress she brought only added more punch to the portrait! We finished in the studio with some silly shots that were just Lexi having fun and well, being Lexi! Outside we were able to get the weather to cooperate with a little bit longer, and ended up with some great shots of Lexi in true Tennessee fan style sporting Go Big Orange heels and matching sweater perfect for any fall game day!Lexi1887Lexi1865Lexi1810

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